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Serving Indiana, Ohio And Michigan

Lifting Your Sinking Foundation
Straighting Your Bowed Basement wall
Straighting Your Leaning Chimney
Supporting Production Machinery
Installing Your New Construction Piers

Company Service

Here at Foundation Systems we have lifted many types of structures such as Homes,Warehouses,Factories,Storage Tanks,Porches and Retaining Walls.We can adapt our system to almost any situation to meet many unusual job site problems be it supporting a building while excavating next to it, or supporting a walkway across the highway.
We also have a slab bracket to lift concrete floors in your home or commercial building.
Foundation Systems can fix your leaning chimney without tearing it out and replacing it.We also can straighten your bowed basement walls and pull back your retaining walls
New Construction Piers
Foundation Systems has been involved in many new construction projects .We can install piers for your new lake home or a new commercial building or to support your manufacturing machinery.
Foundation Systems Repair Specialists provide you the homeowner with sound advice, free inspections, and free written estimates.Weather your looking for more information,an estimate,an installation, or comparison to previous estimates you've had, we're here to lend a hand.